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On the right-hand side, you’ll find important information about the dates and times of assembly and disassembly.

Add all the items needed for your stand to the shopping cart. We will send you an invoice shortly. 

Invoice payment is to be considered confirmation of requested services. Please bear this in mind as confirmation is needed for your order to be ready on assembly day. 

We require some time to arrange the additional services, so we would be grateful if you could return these forms by ___________________, at the latest.

Orders after the indicated date increase their cost by 25% due to the technical difficulties that this entails.


- Para expositores que utilicen estand modular, el miércoles 24 de enero de 14.00 a 20.00h.
- Para expositores que NO utilicen estand modular, el miércoles 24 de enero de 8.00 a 20.00h.

Los sitios de paso deben quedar libres de mercancía, embalajes, etc., a partir de las 20.00h del miércoles día 24 de enero de 2024 para permitir la limpieza.
La decoración y el acabado del estand no deben sobrepasar los límites del estand.


Para todos los expositores el viernes día 26 de enero a partir de las 18.00 y hasta las 19.30.